How to Choose the Perfect Swaddler & What to Consider

How to choose the perfert swaddler can be an overwhelming task for any new parent.  Every parent that has their delivery in a hospital is familiar with the standard rectangular blanket that they get from the hospital.  For a brand new baby in the hospital, this might be an OK size.  Once we get home with our bundle of joy, we realize that the blanket from the hospital is not necessarily user friendly.

Each baby is different and each family has a budget that they like to stay within.

Choosing the Perfect Swaddle is like picking the perfect pacifier. 

When choosing a swaddle these areas should be factored in: what season of the year is it, what is the temperature in the baby’s room and size of the baby.

  • I like to start with how old the baby is and the immediate needs for the baby.  Newborns need to feel the sense of security once they come into the world.  I like to use a square receiving blanket.  The blanket is usually made of 100% cotton, no folded edges, (only serged if necessary) and single layer.  It MUST be a square.  If you use a rectangle, it might not be big enough to go around the baby once you use the swaddle technique.  When you use this type of swaddler, then you can use blankets if necessary to tuck the baby in.  Otherwise, this should be enough.  We do not want to overheat our baby with too much wrapping. For more tips on swaddling, check out my other posts.

I hope this tip has helped you in How to Choose the Perfect Swaddler.  If you have any questions or comments, please click the icon below.


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  1. Barbara says:

    While writing this post, I am still amazed at how important it is for newborns to be swaddled. So many times I am told that “my baby doesn’t like to be swaddled” and I just smile.

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