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Wings of Caring is now Natures Baby World. View my new interactive site and give me your thoughts and comments. Looking forward to a new year.

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Say “NO” to Bumper Pads

Your a new parent.  You want the nursery to feel beautiful and inviting.  You go to the baby store and ooh and aah at all the baby bed decor.   You just can’t resist that perfect blue or pink ensemble that has a sheet, bedskirt and “bumper pads”.  WHAT is wrong with this picture.  The pros and cons of using a bumper pad.

The Pros:

  • Cute
  • Baby(s) can’t see you when you come into the room
  • Completes the crib ensemble

The Cons:

  • Can’t see your baby at eye level when you walk into the room
  • Can’t see baby if you are sitting in a chair and the bumper pad is eye level
  • Air does NOT circulate around your baby for fresh air
  • Baby could get over heated
  • Baby could get their head, arms or legs caught  in the pad without you knowing it
  • If you have multiples, it is hard to monitor the other baby while they are laying in the crib and you are feeding the other one in a chair
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  •  When I work with parents on How to Choose the Perfect Swaddler, a lot of times they use what they had received as a baby shower gift.  Another type of swaddler is the one that has velcro.  This type of swaddler is great for babies that are 9 lbs or more.  The reason I make this statement is the fact that the avg American baby is 7 lbs and they are not bulky enough for the velcro to stay hooked when you wrap the baby in this type of swaddler.  It only stays tight when you first wrap your baby, but if the baby isn’t big enough, then the velcro pieces do not connect and the baby can wiggle out of the swaddle faster and get irritated.  Some of the swaddlers of this type are SwaddleMe by Kiddopotamus.  This is like a sleep sack with velcro wings.  The velcro is not real secure and I have had to use two of them to keep the baby from breaking loose.
  • I have grandparents ask me How to Choose the Perfect Swaddler for taking care of their grandchild.  Grandparents aren’t always as experienced in swaddling as their children are.  For one thing the difference between their generation and the babies being born today is that fact that their children slept on their stomach and weren’t swaddled as much.   Whereas today, babies sleep on their backs and need to be swaddled.  A perfect swaddler for a grandparent to use as well as the parents is the Miracle Blanket.  This blanket has extra flaps that help to secure the babies arms stay down by their side and it takes a lot of effort for them to get loose.  But once again, you have to have the right size baby so it is productive.  When you velcro the flaps on top of each other, the velcro has to hold for it to work.  This is definitely a swaddler that I recommend to parents.
  • Another way to Choose the Perfect Swadler is how well the baby’s body fits the swaddler.  My most favorite of all times is the Woombie.  I ran across this type of swaddler while cruising eBay one day.  I took it to a client’s house and they would not let me have it back.  This type of swaddler actually forms to your baby’s body, is easy to get on and off and your baby feels like they are still in a cocoon.  This comes in different sizes, so be sure to get the size appropriate for your baby.  Check out my “Favorite Products” page to buy your woombie today.
  • I am not a fond user of fleece for babies.  I feel that they get over heated and this is not good for them.  So be sure to pay attention to the temperature of the room as well as the baby’s body temperature.
  • Pay close attention as your baby sleeps with the swaddler.  Sometimes the swaddler could ride up around their mouth and cause them to wake up from the material around their face or make it hard to breathe.  As with all products that we use, monitor your baby frequently.
  • Bottom Line  – Choosing the Perfect Swaddler is still a personal preference for the parent’s. They should use their intuition on what is best and safest for their baby.
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Baby Powder Controversy

Has anyone heard that baby powder isn’t safe for your baby.  Read this article and make the determination for yourself.  As for me, I have had asthma all my life and any fine dust particles in the air inhibit my breathing.  As an Infant Care Specialist I would hate to use something harmful on your baby while in my care.  It is always the things we can’t  see that affect our health.  Just because something says “baby” in the name, doesn’t always mean it is safe.  Use your motherly intuition before using anything on your infants.

Please list your comments.  Would like to get some feedback on what other parents use.

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How to Choose the Perfect Swaddler & What to Consider

How to choose the perfert swaddler can be an overwhelming task for any new parent.  Every parent that has their delivery in a hospital is familiar with the standard rectangular blanket that they get from the hospital.  For a brand new baby in the hospital, this might be an OK size.  Once we get home with our bundle of joy, we realize that the blanket from the hospital is not necessarily user friendly. Continue reading

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Swaddling-Techniques to help calm your newbon

As a Postpartum doula for over ten years, I have seen the affects swaddling can have on a newborn.  When a baby comes out of the womb, they are thrown into bright lights, cold and an environment that is too strange to comprehend.  I have realized that by swaddling, this helps to comfort and secure your baby back to their “known” environment.

The article listed below also gives us some tips on why we swaddle. Continue reading

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Tips for Taking Care of Your Newborn

Caring for Your Newborn:

1 – When your baby is crying uncontrollably and has been fed/diapered, try swaddling and holding close to your chest.  Newborns need to feel as safe and secure as they did inside the womb.  This usually calms them.  I also do the shushing sound close to their ear.

2 – Tip for Multiples – Have you ever wandered how moms with multiples make it thru the night?  The best tip for multiples is to make sure you feed them at the same time.  By this I mean after you feed one baby, immediately wake the other one and feed them.  This help them be on the same schedule and everyone in the family is more rested.

For more tips, check in to see what’s happening in “my nursery”

I am looking forward to hearing from my parents.

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Dad’s Are Parents Too – Did you ever feel like you were not as important as mom, when your baby came home from the hospital?

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